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Week of April 17th - April 23rd

What did you do this past week?

This week I finished up our final Project, Life, with plenty of time to spare. I found this project easier to implement than Darwin, with the only tricky thing being the implementation of templating. I also finished registering a few days ago for my classes this next semester. I unfortunately didn't get into Software Engineering as it filled up extremely fast but I'll try again in the spring.

What's in your way?

The final exam is the last major thing in my way for this class. Since we're also on our last week of quizzes I'll be making it a priority to do my best on them so that my drops are being used effectively on the early quizzes that I didn't do great on.

What will you do next week?

Next week I'm going to continue studying all the material we've gone through so that I'm familiar with the various parts of C++ that we will be tested on. There's quite a lot of material that I'll need to look at so I think it's best if I continue spreading it out so I won't have to cram at the last moment. In other classes that can be effective, but with syntax it usually isn't. The smallest change in code can produce radically different results.

What's my experience of the class?

Class was interesting for me this week. Building inherited classes isn't something I've had plenty of time to do out of class, and it hasn't been the focus of any other class I've taken. It's been useful to see what kind of rules C++ plays by and how it differs from Java.

What's my pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

This week's pick-of-the-week is this blog entry describing a C++ programmer's first impressions of Python. I plan on learning Python in the near future as it has been described as a very useful language by several people that I know.